Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bar-K and Barney NG were suspended by the CA Dept. of Real Estate in 2001

Another day another doc.  Click HERE and scroll down to page 8.  Look in the middle column near the top.

Barney Joe NG (Real Estate Officer - "REO") and Bar-K (Real Estate Corporation - "REC") were suspended by the Department of Real Estate for a 2832 10177 (d) violation.

On page 5, you'll find disciplinary action definitions.

  • A 2832 is for "Failure to comply with trust fund handling provisions." 
  • A 10177 (d) is a "Violation of real estate law or regulations."
These violations were effective 10/31/01.  Barney and Bar-K were suspended for 180 days, but the suspensions were stayed on terms and conditions.  No word on what the terms and conditions were, but it does highlight a disturbing trend of questionable actions.

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